Awards Mission: The purpose of the AHMP Awards Program is to recognize individuals, Chapters and organizations for outstanding contributions in education, training, research, development, operations and performance that furthers the objectives and the Vision-Mission Strategy of the Academy.

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Past NEACHMM Awards and Award Winners:

Individual Member Awards:

Given for distinguished service or achievement in support of the AHMP. This award will honor a peer nominated member of the AHMP who has made outstanding accomplishments in support of the AHMP, by providing long-term service or continuous professional achievements while promoting the vision & mission of the AHMP and the integrity of the CHMM credential. This award, which need not be given every year, will only be given to one AHMP member in the years when it is awarded.


  • John Mitchell  (co-awardee)


Given to an individual certified member of the AHMP who has successfully achieved at least seven (7) of the following criteria in the previous calendar year:

  1. Make a technical presentation on a hazardous materials management topic at the AHMP annual conference, other professional venue, review course for the CHMM or other AHMP approved credential, or the AHMP EHMM course. (Documentation: copy of program)
  2. Publish a paper on a hazardous materials management topic in a professional periodical or other venue with significant distribution to the public or other professionals. (Documentation: copy of paper and evidence of publication, such as table of contents) 
  3. Serve in a leadership role (officer, director, committee chair) for a local chapter, the AHMP, or the IHMM for at least nine months of the year. (Documentation: letter or email from organization) 
  4. Authorship or critical review and comment submittal of at least one chapter of the Desk Reference. (Documentation: letter or email from organization or copy of Desk Reference page with your name) 
  5. Authorship or critical review and comment submittal of at least one section of the EHMM course. (Documentation: letter or email from organization) 
  6. Submit, as a certified member of the AHMP, comments on state or federal legislation or rulemaking related to hazardous materials management. (Documentation: copy of submission and/or reply from agency) 
  7. Sponsor/coordinate a community based project or other volunteer project. (Documentation: project proposal/approval or initiation/completion) 
  8. Achieve media visibility (e.g. interview, press notice or publication, non-AHMP award, publication in non-technical media, etc.) for his/her personal certification or the AHMP. May be in professional or public print, video, or web-based media with general distribution. The same activity may not be used to satisfy both Requirement 2 and Requirement 6, and presentation at an AHMP or chapter conference or event does not satisfy this requirement. (Documentation: copy or other evidence of visibility obtained) 
  9. Present a chapter or AHMP webinar which was combined with national AHMP. (Documentation: letter or email from AHMP Executive Director) 
  10. Contribute to a chapter or AHMP publication, or otherwise contribute to the development or marketing of a chapter or AHMP product.(Documentation: letter or email from AHMP Executive Director or chapter president)
  11. Make a presentation to the public, educational group (school, teachers, class, etc.), or other groups (non-hazmat professionals) that includes the roles and benefits to society of hazardous materials management professionals, their certifications, and/or the AHMP.(Documentation: copy of announcement and/or presentation and/or letter or email from group) 
  12. Contribute measurably to increase national AHMP by at least 2 members, cyber chapter by at least 2 members, or chapter membership by at least 3. May include formerly active members who renew membership. (Documentation: letter or email from new members stating your encouragement led them to join or re-join AHMP or a local chapter) 
  13. Serve as an AHMP-recognized liaison to another professional organization. (Documentation: letter or email from professional organization) 
  14. Bring someone who has not previously attended to a chapter meeting, tour, or other event. (Documentation: letter or email from the new attendee and proof of attendance) 
  15. Attend the AHMP national conference. (Documentation: certificate of attendance)
  16. Obtain a new corporate sponsor for national AHMP at any level. (Documentation: letter or email from sponsor) 
  17. Represent AHMP at a regional conference for another professional organization. (Documentation: documentation from event organizers referencing your role as AHMP representative or letter from national AHMP)

NEACHMM Award Recipients


  • MaryEllen Doherty


  • MaryEllen Doherty
  • Mike Maheux
  • Awards Photo - MaryEllen, Mike & AHMP President Zehra Schneider Graham



  • MaryEllen Doherty
  • John H. Mitchell


  • MaryEllen Doherty
  • N. Gail Hall


  • Zehra Schneider Graham
  • Eric Hultstrom
  • Robert Warren
  • MaryEllen Doherty


Eric Hultstrom

Zehra Schneider Graham


  • MaryEllen Doherty
  • Phyllis Carter
  • Eric Hultstrom
  • Zehra Schneider Graham


  • Phyllis B. Carter
  • Gretchen Franzheim
  • Matthew E. Hackman
  • Brenda Pope
  • Zehra Schneider Graham
  • W. Harrison Swift