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e-Manifest Update!

e-Manifest Notes from

Transporter Subcommittee Meeting (5/9/18)

Purpose:  EPA is establishing a national system for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically.

  • EPA to go live with e-Manifest June 30, 2018 and all receiving facilities must submit manifests to EPA.
  • Generators may only use electronic manifests if transporters and receiving facilities listed on the manifest are also registered for e-Manifest.
  • Set up a RCRAInfo account at (this allows you to be a user and get into myRCRAid
  • EPA ID number registration through online tool myRCRAid to help obtain a hazardous waste generator identification number (EPA ID). Generators need to set-up an account starting June 15, 2018
  • If you have a state specific EPA ID # that starts with “MV” you will need to obtain a new, EPA ID # using myRCRAid. “MV” numbers are not properly formatted for the new system. It can be entered into the new e-Manifest system but it will not trackable in the new system.
  • There is a backlog already at MADEP for new EPA ID numbers so don’t wait.
  • myRCRAid – will be the single point of access for hazardous waste data in MA.
  • E-Manifest user fees –
  1. Paper manifest $20.00
  2. Image upload of paper manifest $13.00
  3. Data file upload of paper manifest $ 7.00
  4. Fully electronic                $ 4.00
  • More information –
  1. Electronic post card from DEP to generators 5/15/18
  2. Email blast from DEP to industries 6/15/18