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Allow me to begin by saying I hope everyone had a safe, fun and (just maybe) relaxing holiday break and wish you a Happy 2016! Last year was an exciting one for NEACHMM with fresh faces on the Board of Directors, a successful certification training and several well-received member networking events.  We are always accepting new membership and are hopeful for significant growth in 2016 with our line-up of educational and informative tours and presentations. All of our event invites are published through our website as well as our Linked In page ( ) so be sure to check us out and stay/get involved! We will be announcing the new 2016 Board Members as well as our upcoming 2016 events in a subsequent issue so please reach out to anyone at NEACHMM with questions regarding membership and event attendance. I look forward to seeing you in 2016!

 Amanda Wuoti, CHMM

2016  NEACHMM Vice President

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Recent Events

December 3rd Presentation at CB-I

Written By: Amanda Wuoti, CHMM, Vice President

On December 3, 2015 NEACHMM hosted its final member networking event of the year. Graciously offered to us by former NEACHMM BOD member John Mitchell, the event was held at the beautiful first floor atrium of CB-I in Canton, MA. We were all educated (and entertained!) about cutting-edge methods for promoting safe work practices by Mr. David Crowley of HOOD Dairy. It was a catered event where we all had the opportunity to sample fresh eats from the on-premise pizzeria! Thank you David for your presentation and thank you to all in attendance for your participation in our “Brick and Mortar” legacy meeting.

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Special Announcements

The AHMP Awards program – Now is the time to prepare for 2016!

Written By: Matthew Hackman, P.E., CHMM, Board of Directors

(Note: AHMP is now accepting nominations for calendar 2015 achievements.  Nominations submission Deadline is April 30, 2016.)


AHMP wants to recognize outstanding individual members and chapters, in part as a means to spur all of us on to be all we can be as hazardous materials professionals.  From the AHMP Website:

“PURPOSE & MISSION: The purpose of the AHMP Awards & Recognition Program is to recognize and honor individuals, chapters and organizations for outstanding contributions in education, training, research, organizational development, operations, and performance that further the objectives and the Vision-Mission-Strategy of the Alliance.

Within the AHMP National Awards & Recognition Program there are four individual awards, three chapter awards, and two AHMP “Friend” awards.”

There are really two components to the awards qualifications: recognition of contributions to the knowledge and expertise of the profession and recognition for promotion of the hazardous materials management professions and the AHMP.

“Why should I apply for an award, or recommend someone else?”  “What do I care about awards?”  “Why do this?” are all questions I have heard.  I think the best answers come from award recipients, who tell me that challenging themselves or others to get individual award, or challenging their chapter to apply for a chapter award, stimulated them to be more active and to do things they might not otherwise thought of doing, such as:

  •          “Make a technical presentation on a hazardous materials management topic at the AHMP annual conference, other professional venue, review course for the CHMM or other AHMP approved credential, or the AHMP EHMM course
  •          “Submit, as a certified member of the AHMP, comments on state or federal legislation or rulemaking related to hazardous materials management.
  •          “Sponsor/coordinate a community based project or other volunteer project.”
  •          “Make a presentation to the public, educational group (school, teachers, class, etc.), or other groups (non-hazmat professionals) that includes the roles and benefits to society of hazardous materials management professionals, their certifications, and/or the AHMP”
  •          Or even as simple as “Bring someone who has not previously attended to a chapter meeting, tour, or other event.”

All of these are actual criteria that could be used to qualify for “AHMP DISTINGUISHED SERVICE RECOGNITION”.  Achieving 7 of the 17 possible criteria qualifies you for the award.  Remember, there is no limit to the number of “AHMP DISTINGUISHED SERVICE RECOGNITION” awards being given.  Accomplish the required criteria and get the award!

But in addition there is the “YOUNG HAZARDOUS MATERIALS PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR AWARD” for AHMP members under age 35, and the “HAZARDOUS MATERIALS PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR AWARD” for AHMP members over the age of 35. These are awards that only one person in each category may receive each year, and each come with a one (1) year exemption from AHMP annual dues. 

The highest recognition AHMP can bestow on an individual member is our “PETE COOK FOUNDER’S AWARD”, “Given to a certified member for outstanding accomplishments in support of the AHMP by providing long-term service or continuous professional achievements while promoting the vision and mission of the AHMP, and the integrity of the CHMM credential”.  This award is not necessarily given each year, but only when an outstanding certified AHMP is recognized.  This highest individual award come with a five (5) year exemption from AHMP annual dues.

Similar to the individual AHMP member awards, AHMP wants to recognize chapters that are working to be the best they can be.  All chapters can win the “AHMP DISTINGUISHED CHAPTER RECOGNITION” award by meeting 5 of the 13 criteria, many of which all successful chapters are doing already, such as:

  •          Maintain an updated web site with the following minimum content: names and contact information for all officers, directors and committee chairs; chapter bylaws and procedures; AHMP and chapter events calendar; mission and (link is external)vision(link is external) of AHMP and chapter; link to AHMP website; method for communicating website problems, questions and comments
  •          Sponsor/offer a CHMM or other certification overview/exam preparation course
  •          Produce and distribute to members and/or others at least one printed or electronic newsletter, minutes, flyer or brochure
  •          Perform at least one community based outreach project
  •          Conduct at least four professional development programs (presentations, conference, seminar, tours, etc. related to hazardous materials management)
  •          Attendance of a chapter delegate at the annual Chapter Development Committee meeting at the AHMP annual conference.

I hope that you recognize that NEACHMM does all of these and more, and will be applying for our “AHMP DISTINGUISHED CHAPTER RECOGNITION” award for 2015.  Again, the criteria for this award comprise activities all successful chapters should be doing.

But AHMP has two additional awards for chapters that are given to the most outstanding chapter for the previous year.  These are:

“CHAPTER COMMUNICATION PROGRAM OF THE YEAR AWARD”, which recognizes the chapter which has done the best “program for outgoing and incoming communications with members and the general public”.

“CHAPTER OF THE YEAR AWARD”, recognizing the “best of the best” of Distinguished Chapter award winners (and must have received the “AHMP DISTINGUISHED CHAPTER RECOGNITION” the previous calendar year), and which has gone above and beyond the Distinguished Chapter requirements.  NEACHMM has been recognized as a “Chapter of the Year” in the past, but there is no reason we should not strive to achieve this award again!

Finally, AHMP awards the individual “FRIEND OF THE ALLIANCE” to a person who may not be a member of AHMP, or even of our profession, but who has none the less made outstanding contributions to our CHMM profession and/or the AHMP.  In addition, AHMP represents organizations with its “ORGANIZATIONAL FRIEND OF THE AHMP” award to recognize those organizations for their “outstanding support of the AHMP and advancement of its objectives.”

Achieving these awards takes planning and commitment.  Awards are given for activities and accomplishments meeting the necessary criteria in the previous calendar year.  As a member of AHMP’s national Awards Committee, I hope that more NEACHMM members will review the criteria for these awards on the AHMP website (go to and click on “National Awards Program”) and think about how they can qualify for their own individual award, and also think about those individuals or organizations that might qualify for their awards.

And finally, I hope that all members will work together to help our Chapter qualify for the “CHAPTER OF THE YEAR AWARD”.  We may not win every year, but by working to do so, we will be making our chapter the best it can be, and the benefit of that goes to all of us, as chapter members.

I look forward to seeing award applications from NEACHMM and its members in this year’s evaluations!



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