Board of Director Positions and Committees


President: The president, elected to serve one year, presides over Chapter meetings and interfaces with other chapters, the Alliance, and other environmental organizations. All committees report to the President, who is responsible for day-to-day Chapter management. In the absence of the Treasurer, the President shall disburse funds to pay Chapter obligations. The President must also pre-approve all communications with the membership.

Vice-President (President-Elect): The vice-president, who is elected to serve one year and is expected to serve as President the following year, presides over Chapter meetings in the absence of the President and ensures the development and execution of an appropriate annual educational program for the Chapter. The Vice-President will also serve as the Nominations Committee Chairperson responsible for leading the development of the general election ballot for the forthcoming year.

Secretary: The secretary, who is elected to a term of two years in alternating years from the Treasurer, documents Chapter and Board meetings and is responsible for: maintaining and updating Chapter records; keeping a current copy of the Chapter membership and mailing lists; documenting Chapter-sponsored training; and managing the mailing of official notices to the membership.

Treasurer/Clerk: The treasurer, who is also the Clerk of the Chapter, is elected to a term of two years in alternating years from the Secretary and manages the day-to-day finances of the Chapter. Specific duties include managing the Chapter's financial affairs, including but not limited to, maintaining the Chapter's financial records, mailing invoices, paying obligations, collecting receivables, making bank deposits, and interfacing with applicable government entities to maintain the Chapter's nonprofit and corporate status.

Immediate Past President: The responsibility of this un-elected position, which is assumed by the previous year's President, is to recruit new Chapter members, assist the Board of Directors in achieving Chapter objectives, and serve on the Nominating Committee.

Directors-At-Large: Attend conference calls and Board meetings; assist with voting under a quorum when making Chapter business decisions. 

NEACHMM Committee

  • Government AffairsThis committee is the focal point for communication to the Chapter on actions, proposed or otherwise, taken at all levels of government in regard to management of hazardous materials. The chairperson is encouraged to be a member of the National Government Affairs Committee and shall conduct the Chapter committee efforts in concert with the National Alliance.

  • Professional DevelopmentContinuing education of Certified Members of the Chapter is an important part of the fulfillment of the Chapter's Mission. This committee will develop the educational programs for the Chapter meetings, as well as any other programs that can be used to further the exchange of information and ideas.

  • Public Relations and Marketing: The primary purpose of this committee is the establishment and maintenance of a positive public impression of the CHMM and CHMP certification, the membership, and the Alliance. This committee will focus on efforts that will increase the public awareness of the CHMM and CHMP credentials and attract new members. A campaign of news releases, public speaking, and promotional literature distribution may be used as part of the strategy. The committee will develop all communications to the membership upon request of Board members and or other committees. All communications will be sent to the President for approval and to the Membership Development committee for distribution.

  • Membership DevelopmentWorking with the Immediate Past President, this committee recruits new members for the Chapter. The committee will develop and execute recruiting plans including direct mail, telephone campaigns, and membership incentives. The committee will also be responsible for tracking membership and updating the email list for the Chapter. The committee will send out communications to the email list upon request. An updated membership and mailing list will be sent to the Secretary on a regular basis (at least quarterly).

  • Certification Overview Course (EHMM): This committee plans and coordinates the Chapter-sponsored overview course, which is typically held annually. The committee presents plans for the overview course to the Board, which includes proposed dates, locations, estimated revenue and estimated expenses for the course. The committee registers students, recruits instructors and coordinates activities with AHMP and IHMM.

  • Web Site: This team is responsible for maintaining and keeping current the Chapter webpage. They upload all calendar meetings, events and photos and send out all email registration requests. 

  • Newsletter/Social Media: This committee keeps the membership informed about the Chapter's activity either through a blogpost, newsletter or social media update. Follow us on Linked In

  • CHMMunity: Every year NEACHMM donates money and support to a local school who is interested in training their students in OSHA and RCRA. 

  • Golf Outing and Scholarship: NEACHMM hosts an annual golf tournament to raise funds for the Chapter college scholarship. The Chapter awards (2) $1000 scholarships to college-bound students. Keep an eye out for the event invite and the scholarship applications

NEACHMM is always seeking ideas for new program topics and volunteers for committees. If you have an idea or would like to join a committee, please contact the Board at [email protected].