Recertification is easy! Read below for info about recertification or click HERE and get started!

Every 5 years your CHMM/CHMP credential will be up for recertification and IHMM will email you as a reminder. You can also check your recertification due date on your MyIHMM Login page.

And did you know you can start your recertification AT ANY TIME! You could start adding trainings and conferences and seminars to your ongoing CMP tracking so when your 5th year comes around all you practically have to do is hit's that easy!

But be aware, IHMM does take the liberty of selecting many certificants for a recertification audit process. So although the initial form submittal is easy they may contact you for supporting documentation. NEACHMM recommends maintaining a binder of all of your attendence sheets and certificates of completion just in case. The NEACHMM Board of Directors can assist members with any attendance records you may be missing. 

So get started today by logging into your IHMM account HERE!

For specific information on recertification visit these links at IHMM:

Preparing for Recertification

Recertification Helpful Tips

Recertification FAQs

NEACHMM provides Meeting Attendance Certificates to attendees of chapter meetings. It is your responsibility to keep the Attendance Certificates in your recertification file.