Member Group

Government Affairs

This committee is the focal point for communication to the Chapter on actions,proposed or otherwise,taken at all levels of government in regard to management of hazardous materials.The chairperson is encouraged to be amember of the National Government Affairs Committee and shall conduct the Chapter committee efforts in concert with the National Alliance.

Professional Development

Continuing education of Certified Members of the Chapter is an important part of the fulfillment of the Chapter's Mission. This committee will develop the educational programs for the Chapter meetings, as well as any other programs that can be used to further the exchange of information and ideas.

Public Relations and Marketing

The primary purpose of this committee is the establishment and maintenance of apositive public impression of the CHMM and CHMP certification, the membership, and the Alliance.This committee will focus on efforts that will increase the public awareness of the CHMM and CHMP credentials and attract new members. A campaign of news releases,public speaking,andpromotionalliteraturedistribution may be used as part of the strategy.The committee will develop all communications to the membership upon request of Board members and to other committees. All communications will be sent to the President for approval and to the Membership Development committee for distribution.

Membership Development

Working with the Immediate Past President,this committee recruits new members for the Chapter. The committee will develop and execute recruiting plans including direct mail,telephone campaigns, and membership incentives. The committee will also be responsible for tracking membership and updating the email list for the Chapter.The committee will send out communications to the email list upon request. An updated membership and mailing list will be sent to the Secretary on a regular basis (at least quarterly).

Overview Course

This committee plans and coordinates the Chapter-sponsored overview course, which is typically held annually.The committee presents plans for the overview course to the Board, which includes proposed dates,locations,estimated revenue and estimated expenses for the course. The committee registers students,recruits instructors and coordinates activities with AHMP and IHMM.


This committee focuses on community outreach and training.

Golf and Scholarship Committee

This group plans the annual NEACHMM golf tournament held in the fall. All proceeds go toward the NEACHMM college scholarship awarded to a high school student interested in studying an environmental field.

Chapter Website

This committee is responsible for overseeing and updating all aspects of which entails training with the domain host, scheduling all meetings, posting Chapter announcements and maintaining the member roster.


The members of this committee meet quarterly to review the last three months of events and design the (4) newsletters submitted annually. All newsletters are turned into AHMP for review so that NEACHMM meets it's Chapter requirements.